mTrak vehicle tracking system | Agriculture

mTrak have developed new and innovative products to aid the tracking of tractors, combines, ride-on mowers, horse boxes and anything else with a 12 or 24 V battery.

Monitoring your asset has never been so easy, you can log on...fix a Geo-fence around your land and if it moves out of it you will be alerted. This is ideal for the land owner who needs to know that his assets do not leave the geo-fenced area. It will also tell you its position every 2 hours and every few seconds while moving.

These systems can be set up to show positions as often as every second while moving, showing speed, start and stop times etc. This is ideal if you want to see all your assets at any time all on your own local map.

There is no job too small or too big for mTrak...Protect your asset and have a mTrak internet based tracking system fitted.

Don't forget...all mTrak tracking systems can be moved from asset to asset making them the ultimate long term purchase and great value for money.


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