mTrak Limited vehicle tracking system | Terms & Conditions

mTrak Limited Vehicle tracking terms and conditions

Tracking device Hardware fitted to a vehicle being tracked.
Airtime The provision of mobile data services to connect the tracking device to the internet or telephone networks.
Website The mTrak website and database, that stores data sent from the tracking devices and displays that data to the user.

Tracking with contract.
Where mTrak are providing airtime for the customer, mTrak may require occasional access to the tracking devices at or near the original fitting location, for updates or modifications to maintain the vehicle tracking service.

Pay As You Go tracking (PAYG).
Where the airtime is supplied to the customer on a PAYG basis, the customer is responsible for keeping the PAYG account in credit. The PAYG accounts are held with one of the mobile network operators, and not with mTrak. The continued use of vehicle tracking is likely to use the credit. Without credit, vehicle tracking may cease and eventually the PAYG account is likely to be suspended and then cancelled by the mobile network operators. mTrak have no control of the prices charged by the mobile network operators and cannot be held responsible for changes to services or costs. Customers with PAYG tracking may change how often the tracking devices sends data to the website and may use any mobile network they want. mTrak does not guarantee that the tracking devices will work with all mobile networks.

Use outside the UK.
The tracking devices and the airtime provision are arranged so that they should work outside the UK, but they have not been extensively tested outside the UK. PAYG customers may find that the costs increase, and contract customers may be surcharged by mTrak if the vehicles leave the UK.

Limitations of service.
mTrak will endeavour to maintain accurate tracking services at all times. However vehicle tracking relies on systems such as GPS, GSM, the internet and mapping services over which mTrak has no direct control. mTrak cannot be held responsible for lost or inaccurate data, or consequential loss caused by the use of the data, or by the lack of data.

mTrak will provide instruction for fitting the tracking devices. Where the tracking device has not been fitted by mTrak, mTrak will not be responsible for any problems caused by the fitting.

Where mTrak are providing a warrantee, should a repair or replacement be needed, the tracking device may need to be returned to mTrak.

It is the customer's responsibility to check that data continues to arrive at the website. It may be possible to configure the mTrak website to email the customer if data is not received when expected from the tracking device, or if the tracking device reports that the credit is low. However, mTrak cannot be held responsible if the website has not been configured to send these emails, or if they are not received for any reason or not acted on by the customer.

Account information.
It is the customer's responsibility to maintain contact details, account name and password on the website, and to protect that information.

mTrak will not divulge information about customers to third parties without the customer's permission, except where required by law. Data will be available to the customer for at least 2 years, unless he or she has requested that it be deleted.

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