mTrak vehicle tracking system | The Stay command

The Stay command

This will alert you when your vehicle move a certain distance. To activate it, send a text to it that says:-


The mtrak unit will store you message, and will only reply when it has moved more than 200 m

If you want to set another distance, just put the number of metres after the word "stay". For instance

Stay 15000

sent as a text will be replied to when the vehicle has moved 15 km.

Just one reply will be sent for each "Stay" command. There is no simple way of turning off a "Stay" command, and it is usually easier to ignore the reply.

A stay command can be deleted with totalreset command but that will clear all the texts and any other commands will have to be sent again. Alternatively, the command can be cleared by fitting the SIM card from the mTrak in an ordinary phone and deleting the texts.

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