mTrak vehicle tracking system | Preferences


The way that the mTrak units operate can be configured with at text message.
The syntax is:-

Prefs [unit select],[settings], [currency symbol],[name],

[unit select]
This is "k" to indicate that texts should be in km or km/h or blank for miles and mph

[settings] In this section the following functions are turned on

  • "N" If this is included, the phone and the GPS receiver in the unit will stay on all the time.
  • "V" Voltage. If this is included, the supply voltage (and backup voltage on mTrak Plus) will be included in texts
  • "S" Signal. If this is included, the mobile network signal level will be included on texts
  • "I" Ignition sense. This is for mTrak plus units use voltage for ignition status, the way that the mTrak basic units always do.
  • "C" Permanent charging. This is to get the internal battery to charge whenever there is a power supply connected.
  • "P" Positive ground. This is to get the ignition input to work the opposite way, so a voltage nearer to the negative supply indicates that the ignition is on.
Not all these features are on all levels of firmware, but trying to use a feature that isn't there will have no effect on the rest of the message.
There are no commas between any of these feature letters.

[currency symbol]
Any characters here will be used as the currency symbol in texts, instead of the default "£" sign

Any text here will included at the start of texts, to help identifying the mTrak unit

Before to version 3.54, there is no direct way to find the existing settings.
On version 3.54 and later, the settings can be seen and set online, from the diagnostic page.
The mTrak unit will replace all the settings each time a new preferences text is received.
The commas separate the items in the preferences texts, and must be included.

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