mTrak vehicle tracking system | Powering the unit

Providing power to the mTrak unit

For normal operation, the mTrak unit requires power at 12 or 24 V all the time, so a power feed that is not switched is needed.

You should note that many modern cars turn off some circuits several minutes after the ignition is turned off and the doors are locked. If you are not sure about a circuit, connect a test lamp, turn off the ignition, lock the car and leave it for 20 minutes to make sure the circuit you have found stays on.

Unless the supply is aleady fused at 10 A or less, fit an in-line fuse to protect the wiring in case of a short circuit in the wiring to the mTrak unit.

A good ground is also required. On the mTrak basic, it does not matter which of the two connections is ground and which is power

Ignition connection for the mTrak plus

The mTrak Plus works best with an ignition feed in addition to power and ground, but it can be set to sense voltage as the mTrak basic does. It doesn't matter whether this comes on with the auxiliaries like the radio or with the engine, but it must turn off when the key is removed.

Power, ground and ignition are on connections 4, 5 and 6 on the mTrak plus. It does not matter which of those goes to which connection.

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