mTrak vehicle tracking system | Finding the best location

Finding the best location for the mTrak unit

The best location for the mTrak unit has to be a compromise between concealing the unit and making sure that it gets radio signal. Radio signals will pass though glass and plastic, but they are reflected by metal, so the unit will not work if it's completely surrounded by metal. There is usually adequate signal under the bonnet of a car, and behind plastic trim inside the passenger compartment is fine.

The best angle is to have the lid of the box on the bottom, but it is not critical. All mTrak plus units made since 2015 have 3-axis tilt sensors so will fine in any orientation. Orientation doesn't matter on mTrak basic units, as they don't have tilt sensors.

The GPS signal will bounce around inside a vehicle so the angle is not too important for that. The mTrak basic doesn't have a tilt sensor so it can be fitted at any angle. If the mTrak plus can't be fitted upright, completely upside down will be fine as long as there is a gap of several cm between the top surface and any metal, so that there is space for the GPS signal to get in.

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