mTrak vehicle tracking system | Network Text
In order to connect to the internet, you need to tell the mTrak unit the settings required by the mobile phone network.
The network texts for the major UK networks are:-
Vodafone contract:-Network,wap,wap,,
Vodafone PAYG:-Network,wap,wap,*#1345#,
O2 contract:-Network,mobileweb,password,,
O2 PAYG:-Network,,,*#10#,
EE contract or PAYG:-Network everywhere,,,,
You may get a reply from the unit indicating that a successfull connection was made. However, no reply or one indicating a failure does not always mean that the settings in the Network Text were wrong.
Once the network text has been sent, the unit can be programmed to update to the web with an Online Text
If another network is to be used, details are here

803186215 positions tracked

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