mTrak vehicle tracking system | Movement Text
The mTrak Plus unit can send a text to one or two numbers when movement with the ignition off is detected.
To programme the unit, send it text saying:-
movementalarm 07123456789,07987654321,1o
The first two numbers are the phone numbers to text to, and the last number is the number of texts if movement continues.
The 'o' is an instruction for the unit to go online as well when movement is detected, which will generate an email.
A 'W' in this section is an instruction for the unit to wake when movement is detected, whether or not a text message or email is generated.
If texts to only one number are needed, leave the space for it blank, like this:-
movementalarm 07123456789,,1
If movement alerts are no longer required, leave all the numbers blank, like this:-
The movement alarm won't work if the vehicle battery has been disconnected. If you are programming a movement alarm it is a good idea to programme a battery disconnection alarm as well. Instructions are here
To test the movement alarm, turn off the vehicle ignition, wait at least 5 minutes for the system to arm, and jack up one wheel of the vehicle. You should receive alerts according to how you have programmed it.
Sensitivity settings
The standard settings work for most applications. Here is how to change the sensitivity.
There are three settings, as follows:-
RangeDefault value
Tilt threshold1 - 9910
Minimum tilt time1 - 9915
Drift rate1 - 9950
Add the required numbers at the end of the text, separated by commas like this:-
movementalarm 07123456789,07987654321,1o,10,20,50

803186934 positions tracked

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