Giffgaff activation code decoder

Enter SIM number or code This number can be with or without the "894411" at the start.
Code or SIM number

The barcode on a Giffgaff SIM holder is the SIM card number without the "894411" at the start.

Now updated for SIM numbers that begin 8944110068, 8944110066 or 8944110065

mTrak vehicle tracking

This javascript does not check anything about the status of any SIM cards, and it certainly doesn't check whether the SIM can be activated. It will have the same answer before and after a SIM has been activated.

Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is magic. It only checks a couple of basic bits of maths in the numbers

It's probably got some bugs in it.

It's come from someone who, for all you know, is less trustworthy than a bloke you just met in a pub, who won't show his face, and whose real name you don't know, so if you do anything with any of the data from this page, it's you who will be held responsible for it.